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About BorrowMoney

BorrowMoney offers everything you need to secure the financial resources for your business, family, and life.

We are an online marketplace connecting you with comparison shopping from high-quality lenders offering business loans, personal loans, and mortgages.

At BorrowMoney, we offer you all the informational resources, calculators, and tools needed to manage your finances, empower your growth opportunities, and inform your future financial decision-making.

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Our Mission

To provide resources, support, and comparative lenders for businesses, organizations, and individuals at every stage of their financial journey. The better we can help you make an informed decision, the more successful your future growth.

& Our Philosophy

We believe every borrower should be empowered with the appropriate knowledge and due diligence to make effective decisions, especially during financial hardships. Therefore, we provide you with reputable lending institutions and financial information to break down how the borrowing will work so you can select the best option to fit your personal situation.

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How We Help

BorrowMoney is a multifaceted fintech company providing an open marketplace where quality lenders compete for your business. You have the power to search through providers that will work within your budget, situation, and needs. We know the various financial challenges that arise during life and want to offer you quality lending solutions.

Easy Lending Portal

Our lending portal will guide you to the essential financial resources and knowledge you need to attain your personal and business goals. Simply fill out our easy-to-use, fast, and secure form and get an immediate response from up to three competitive offers. We offer a wide range of competing local and nationwide lending partners.

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Meet Our Team

Aldo Piscitello

President & CEO
Founded the company in 2010. Spearheaded the development of new financial products & services.

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Svetlana Coliban

Sales Director
Multilingual with over 7 years of international business, sales, and marketing experience.

Robert Carrington

Mergers & Acquisitions
Experienced international banking executive with a history in global banking and securities law.

Your Security. Our Priority

We always have your security in mind. Rest easy knowing your data is encrypted for enhanced protection.

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